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We have been delivering exceptional promotional marketing solutions for over 25 years. Our mission is simple: to empower you to make strategic, brand-elevating choices that position you as a hero to the people who matter most to your business. We're more than just a promotional marketing company; we're your dedicated partner in success.

Get To Know Janet, Our Founder & President

Janet McNaughton

Founder & President

“We’ve used Lasting Impressions over the past 10 years at Fidalgo Coffee for marketing SWAG, branded cups, and merchandise to support our campaigns, client needs, and our brand. We’ve only had positive results working with Janet and her company. Terrific products, exceptional service, and the kind of follow-up that is remarkable.”

CEO, Fidalco Coffee

Janet McNaughton is a promotional marketing consultant and provider: the whole package, from high-level strategy to flawless execution.

As Founder and President of Lasting Impressions, Janet has built a reputation as a marketing partner. She provides top-quality branded merchandise and print collateral. Janet excels at developing winning concepts, planning, and delivering outstanding results on time, on brand, and on budget.

Janet is well-versed in business development, leadership initiatives, employee engagement, customer retention, and the importance of compelling messaging. With over 25 years of experience partnering with industries such as construction, education, events & hospitality, financial services, food & beverage, manufacturing, world health, and more, Janet is a consultant first and foremost. She generates the most valuable and rare commodity – ideas with the most essential personal quality – integrity.

Janet earned a BA, in Management and Marketing, later followed by MBEP Executive Education and CEO Ascend Certificates from the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

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You will love our “sunset service.” All phone calls and emails received by 5 p.m. are returned that same day. Proposal requests are acknowledged quickly and responded to in full, within two business days. Given we work in the office full time, we will answer the phone when you call and are happy to schedule a phone conversation, Zoom, or in-person meeting to brainstorm.


We will do the research and provide you with Good | Better | Best solutions to produce the results you want to achieve. Recommendations are based on long-standing, personal relationships with the highest-rated factories in America. You are welcome to request virtual samples, physical samples, and/or quotes to ensure the product you are ordering is exactly what you need and want.


You are guaranteed consistent communication from start to end, on every order, to ensure you receive what was promised. This includes an order acknowledgment, pre-production proof, and order tracking.

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