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Who We Are, What We Believe & What We Are Committed To

Our philosophy is to "Work Smart, Be Creative and Live Inspired." We deliver on this mission for one compelling reason: to live our dream of offering a service that positively changes business outcomes and personal lives.

A promotional product is an item of value that represents you, your brand and the experience your client has with your firm. We view our role at Lasting Impressions and of marketing itself as "The Art of Influence and Inspiration." Lasting Impressions has created strategic programs built around branded promotional products since 1996; creating a national client base across 11 vertical markets with an ever-growing number of new businesses, large and small, trusting us with their marketing strategy.

The sandbox we grew up in

Our headquarters are in Seattle, home to many of the savviest promotional firms in the US. Lasting Impressions competes in an exciting arena where many of the world’s best-known tech giants and boldest innovators have elevated promotional marketing to encompass strategic consulting, channel management, inventiveness, design, and yes, business psychology. We have grown up with Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Starbucks and others – serving the finest customers in Seattle as well as across the United States. At Lasting Impressions, we understand promotional marketing, business strategy, and flawless execution.

What our clients are saying

“We have worked with Janet and the Lasting Impressions team for many years and have found them to be inspirational, professional and timely. Often, we have a glimmer of an idea but we need help conceiving of what might work as a promotional piece that would help extend our effort. Janet is great at presenting options that cover a range of ideas and price points. This often results in us seeing something that sparks our imaginations and gets us rolling on another great marketing campaign.”

The Relentless Pursuit of Why

We bring over 20 years of business experience to you. Our specialty is the ability to quickly understand how your pillars of profitability function, which of them needs to be amplified, and how to drill down to an actionable campaign that will give you a return on your investment. What keeps us engaged in our work is the relentless pursuit of “why?” We are curious, ask questions and listen to identify “why” the work we do is important to you personally, your company, your clients and employees.

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Meet Our Team

Janet McNaughton

Founder & President
“Working with Janet McNaughton was a dream. She brought her keen marketing expertise and strategic thinking to our discussion and helped us execute a cohesive, branded family of products to represent our destination. Her professionalism, customer service and follow up is exemplary. What a pleasure to work with!”

Janet McNaughton is a promotional marketing consultant and provider: the whole package, from high level strategy to flawless execution.

As Founder and President of Lasting Impressions, Janet has built a reputation as a marketing partner. She can provide top quality branded merchandise and print collateral. Even better, she has the unique ability to hatch a winning concept, plan all the details, keep the project on track and deliver dazzling outcomes on time, on brand and on budget.

Janet is well versed in business development, leadership initiatives, employee engagement, customer retention and the importance of compelling messaging. With over two decades of experience partnering with industries such as engineering, education, financial services, manufacturing, food & beverage, world health, and more, Janet is a consultant first and a distributor second. She generates the most valuable and rare commodity-- ideas, with the most essential personal quality-- integrity.

As a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA, Business Management, Marketing and Management later followed by an MBEP Executive Education from the Michael G. Foster School of Business, Janet is an NWBOC-Certified Woman Business Owner.


Kristin Zaverson

Client Operations Coordinator
“We have worked with Lasting Impressions for over 10 years and their team has been committed to providing us with excellent customer service. They have been an amazing partner who is ready to help us with awesome ideas to fill all our marketing collateral needs; which our clients' love receiving! Janet and her team will always be our first call whenever we have a new project to complete.”

Kristin joined the Lasting Impressions team in 2011, bringing 15 years in project management and event coordination with brand giant Starbucks to our valued clients. At Starbucks, Kristin worked with branded merchandise and as a special project created the exclusive “Author Event” series. Partnering across all business units, Kristin secured thought leaders and celebrities to create greater value for the Starbuck’s team. Industry specialists on marketing, sustainability, food & beverage, etc. plus, prominent authors and celebrities Stephen King, Sean Astin, Al Gore, Michael Connelly, Diana Gabaldon, Lee Child and many others were a part of this unique program.

Kristin’s creative genius, love for brand and project management continue at Lasting Impressions. Kristin anticipates and resolves every obstacle, no matter how simple or complex for each client order. She has honed her talent for attention to detail and is our go-to person to triple-check all aspects of your order ensuring we deliver to you on brand, on budget and on time. As we work on growing your business and building your brand, Kristin will be tracking every task and keeping a sharp eye on each detail of your project.

A compelling experience you may want to ask Kristin about is her work with NOAA (National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration.) She spent several months in the artic assisting scientists, observing polar bears in their natural habitat and walking on the ice. Getting to the artic is a story all its own! Kristin learned to overcome the challenge of living for months at sea. And the life-threatening risk of rough waters. Kristin learned the importance of team work for survival, the effort required to save others on rescue missions and the heart-breaking devastation when lives were lost. Working for NOAA shaped her life and perspective on the necessity of giving 110% to the team she contributes to.


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We're active in our community

Janet loves her Puget Sound community of business leaders. As the Founder and President of Win With Washington, Janet has given numerous thought-provoking and inspiring presentations since the group’s 2009 launch.

Win With Washington, a Puget Sound think tank for business and marketing, is a community of creative, diverse and powerful thought leaders. Our members are aggressive learners who get out in front of trends, share “next practices” marketing know-how, and challenge each other to work harder and smarter than we ever thought possible.

The purpose of Win With Washington is to lead. We believe in innovation; in invention; in brainstorming together for dynamic new solutions. Our diversity guarantees priceless insights into areas of business savvy we didn’t even know existed. We pride ourselves on being shocked by at least one stunning revelation per meeting.

By working together, we scale the operations of all our members. We create a constantly expanding network of business influence that magnifies impact and multiplies opportunities through a continuous upward spiral of focused group efforts. By joining and contributing to this consortium of experienced, successful business leaders, we have achieved explosive personal and professional growth.

Win With Washington is living proof that there is strength in numbers, and our power is amplified by the expertise, talent and commitment of our colleagues. In turn, we each grow individually by contributing to the group. This is the secret of the “Win” in Win With Washington. www.WinWithWashington.com

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Janet serves on the Board of Directors for the Northwest Event Show. As the largest trade show in the Pacific Northwest, Janet works to bring meeting and event planners together with the industry’s premier suppliers.

As a member of the transformational board designed to evolve the industry to higher standards in technology and experiential events, Janet contributes strategy to the organization for trade show theming and communication to exhibitors and attendees. https://nweventshow.com/

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