See Yourself at Columbia Winery

Mar 26

Laurel Dosch, Winery Events Manager at Columbia Winery, created a stand-out wedding showcase for the gorgeous Weddings in Woodinville 10-year anniversary tour. See Yourself at Columbia Winery ...

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A Sense of Purrpose

Mar 18

Nancy Howard is a cat lady on a mission. Founder and owner of The Whole Cat and Kaboodle in two locations--Kirkland and Redmond--and the Cocoa Cat Café in Redmond, Nancy believes "every hom...

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Weddings in Woodinville

Feb 13

"Eat, Drink and be Married" 10 Year Anniversary When the Northwest's top event professionals join forces, you can expect the party of the decade. The January 27th Weddings in Woodinville Ten Year...

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February Trends

Feb 12

"The Noblest Art is that of Making Others Happy." - P.T. Barnum Two important trends for 2019 A sure-fire way to win our younger customers over is to show them we understand their world. T...

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We Can Live in a World that we Design

Jan 22

In with the New: New strategies and new promotional productsattract new customers PT Barnum was hailed as the Steve Jobs of his time because he understood how to generate wild enthusiasm for produ...

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The Greatest Show Workshop @ Meydenbauer Center

Jan 15

The Impossible Comes True When we asked Janet about The Greatest Show marketing series which launched in Bellevue on January 15, she said the spark was ignited in 2018 when she set a goal to bring ...

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Thank You For Visiting The Greatest Show

Oct 18, 2018

There was a lot going on at our Northwest Event Show exhibit. Did you catch it all? Below is a recap of the show specials and strategic tools we offer to assist you in transforming your next event int...

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Transforming Employees into High Performance Teams

Oct 18, 2018

Thank you for attending the EventTALK on Transforming Employees into High Performance Teams. As you consider your upcoming projects, how can Lasting Impressions serve you in elevating the face to face...

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Tomorrow is the day!

Oct 15, 2018

It’s finally here – the Northwest Event Show! We’ve been hard at work to make sure this is the best year yet for all of the attendees. On your way into the show, stop by one of our ...

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One Week To Go!

Oct 09, 2018

Only one week to go until the 2018 Northwest Event Show! Do you have a plan of attack for the big day? Let the Connectors be your guide – grab one of our registration cards from any of the ten ...

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Transforming Employees into High Performance Teams

Oct 02, 2018

Join Me! The Northwest Event Show | 11 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | October 16, 2018Washington State Convention Center Most employees know what it looks like to be a part of a high-performance team. Ever wa...

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The Countdown Is On!

Oct 02, 2018

There’s just two weeks left until the Northwest Event Show on October 16th at the Washington State Convention Center! We’ve gathered ten of the best vendors the region has to offer, from ...

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Northwest Event Show

Sep 28, 2018

Join Me! The Northwest Event Show | 11 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | October 16, 2018Washington State Convention Center Do you plan meetings, trade shows, conferences or events for your company? If the an...

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Building Your Network: It’s Just Good Business

Aug 23, 2018

Janet recently presented at a workshop for exhibitors of the upcoming Northwest Event Show. Her introductory story was an idea that can radically expand your business prospects in a matter of months. ...

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Pro Tips for Exhibitors at the Northwest Event Show Part 2 of 2

Jul 31, 2018

Trade shows represent 39.2% of all B2B marketing dollars; often the largest line item in the budget. Here are 10 key strategies for innovating your presence and optimizing your ROI. Our previous blog ...

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Pro Tips for Exhibitors at the Northwest Event Show Part 1 of 2

Jul 17, 2018

Trade shows represent 39.2% of all B2B marketing dollars; often the largest line item in the budget. Here are 10 key strategies for innovating your presence and optimizing your ROI. 1) Tie your compa...

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NWES Workshop #1 - Big Picture Planning for Optimum Results

Jun 04, 2018

Get ready for show time! The Northwest Event Show is preparing a breakthrough to new levels of success for exhibitors and attendees alike. BUTLER Seattle values your partnership and invites you to inn...

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How to Create A Business Uniform Your Team Will Love

May 15, 2018

From Wall Street “corporate” to Seattle “high-tech cool” the definition of a uniform has shifted to include individuality and personality. Apparel is the highest category of s...

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Wellness Trends, Strategies & Products

May 04, 2018

Jump start or reboot your company’s wellness program with these three strategies: 1. Promote Wellness Communication is a critical success factor in every corporate program. Employe...

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The New Power Suit

Apr 11, 2018

Big changes are sweeping across offices around the world. From a changed generational mix to technological advances, our office walls are breaking down as we redefine what it means to “go to wor...

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Building a Dynamic Workplace Strategy

Mar 16, 2018

We believe a company’s prosperity depends on the perfect combination of employees and clients: Talent and sales pipelines are valued equally. Given the tight labor market, workplace strategy ha...

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Better Together

Feb 15, 2018

Lasting Impressions joins Butler Seattle to "transform the future of meetings." Partnering with another business in your community is a great way to grow. Here’s a story about how Lasting Imp...

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Renewed Commitment

Jan 22, 2018

Join us in our quest to grow your business through known, repeatable, proven strategies. Our theme for 2018 is Success Strategies:  Promotional plans and products that lift your company higher. ...

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New Year - New ERA!

Jan 08, 2018

  Just when you thought you had opened your last gift for a while, Lasting Impressions would like to offer a winning strategy to get your business off to a roaring start in the year ahea...

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The North Face Brand IS Here. Shop Now!

Nov 05, 2017

The North Face® brand of outerwear is officially available to the promotional products industry. To shop for the styles, you and your team love, I invite you to view our digital catalog below. The...

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The Impact of Personalized Calendars vs Holiday Cards

Sep 27, 2017

Finish the year strong or jump start the New Year with a promotion that offers staying power. If you have traditionally sent holiday cards, how about considering a strategy that will make a 12-mont...

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Strategies to Secure Meetings with Top Prospects & Talent

Sep 17, 2017

Our business is sourcing and creatively decorating the right promotional products. In today’s marketplace where everything counts, we give our customers a competitive advantage to attracting, at...

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Drinkware: Learn. . .Shop. . . Love

Aug 25, 2017

Our goal at Lasting Impressions is to lift everything you do – HIGHER! With drinkware, that translates into: Trend setting styles to propel your brand forward. Copper lined products to keep...

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How To Pick The Perfect Backpack

Aug 14, 2017

Are you planning an educational class that can benefit from a graduation / completion reward? Did you issue new laptops or tablets? Is it time to replace your existing backpacks? Are you onboardi...

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Sponsorships: How To Plan For Success

Jul 17, 2017

Experience Marketing Aligning your company’s brand with causes you are committed to internally and externally communicates what your company values. Sponsorship opportunities run the gamut. Whe...

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The Difference Between Buying “Swag” and Sales Tools

Jun 13, 2017

True, every organization benefits from business essentials branded with their logo to advance their brand. At Lasting Impressions we are committed to lifting all of your promotional merchandise &ndash...

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Out Think Your Opponents On The Golf Course

May 03, 2017

Advance Your Brand Golf tournaments, company outings, and sponsorships at every level are positioned as a platform to strategically build business. Golf is A Mental Game With high profile busines...

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Onboarding: Making New Employees Instant Team Members

Apr 10, 2017

Saying “Welcome” Well The process of attracting, attaining and retaining talent is serious business. Communicating why you are in business and what you are committed to as a company b...

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Leadership: How To Get A Stroke Ahead

Mar 13, 2017

Be Smart The pursuit of excellence is a race without end. From my perspective, it is encouraging to know that I can become better every day. Below are two of my favorite resources for getting ahea...

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Sales & Marketing: Are You Playing To Win?

Feb 27, 2017

Sales is a contact Sport In today’s economy, only 10-15% of a company’s customer database is positioned to purchase at any given time. Generating new prospects, managing qualified leads ...

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Trade Shows: You've Only Got 3 Seconds!

Jan 23, 2017

“If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter.” This quote from Benjamin Franklin can be applied to trade shows! Given the mere seconds available to garner and keep attenti...

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