4 Steps to Ignite the Joy of Working

  • Sep 14, 2021

What a year we have lived and worked through so far! All this change has made every conversation and each opportunity to serve you increasingly valuable. Why? Because business relationships and results matter more now than ever. With each of us being asked to do extra with less – whether it's time, resources, or money, what we do each day matters.

As I talk with each of you, I find the conversations are transparent. They are real. The goals are clear, and the trust is solid. Thank you for giving me a deeper appreciation and meaning in the work I do for you.

I love this article from Harvard Business Review, written by John Coleman. John says it’s up to us to create purpose in our work. Purpose at work is built – not found. To Find Meaning In Your Work, Change How You Think About It (hbr.org)

Whether you are more committed than ever to the work you do each day or you are struggling to make sense of all that is going on, I encourage you to read John’s article. I promise you will be inspired by his fresh perspective. As with everything in life, we create our outcomes. In short, here’s how you can build purpose at work:

  • Connect your work to service. Whom do you serve? Keep focused on your desire to serve.  You know this! It’s called “servant leadership.”
  • Craft your work. Own it, including smart task design. Hone your skills and expand on the value you can provide. Take inspiration from the custodians in the HBR article!
  • Invest in positive relationships.
  • Keep the people you are supporting in mind. Those you love who depend on your income.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1996. That means I eat change for breakfast – or at least I am supposed to thrive on it. I must confess, I don’t enjoy change, but I do see the importance of reinventing myself and the value I bring to you as my business partners and clients through promotional products and branded apparel. I have been adding to the list of services I can deliver to you. Nothing is more exciting to me than contributing to your business triumphs.

Are you aware of all the ways I have expanded to serve you? To bring you success, trust that I can: 

  • Create a winning marketing strategy for your business and design custom campaigns targeted to the right audience. I’ll make sure every dollar counts. 
  • Manage your holiday gifting from start to finish. Let’s delight the people that matter most to your business with a memorable gift or experience that optimizes your brand, budget message, and strategy. 
  • Leverage my contacts and expertise to navigate the design and delivery of custom branded apparel for your team, from concept through delivery. Lasting Impressions will take care of every detail.  Your team will love wearing your brand. 
  • Guide your decisions about promotional products. With twenty years of experience, I can assess the effectiveness of every type of promotional product to make sure your message comes alive and expresses your brand’s value. 
  • Write content, which you can plug into an email message, newsletter, blog, or eBook, to make sure you are sharing your story in a compelling way that encourages people to think of you first and attracts return visits to your website. 

At the heart of the question of why we work is a human desire to serve. Sure, I need an income and so do you—we need food and shelter and a long list of other necessities and comforts that make it worthwhile to jump up every morning and give it another day’s effort, no matter what.

I invite you to elevate your chances of meaningful work and, at the same time, exponentially increase the likelihood of success, by shifting your thinking to the human joy of serving others. Next, take a moment to think about the real reason for your work and how it provides solutions and contributes to the greater good. I believe that this insight will propel you to greater clarity about small and large decisions that will boost your outcomes. Start with the simple: just one well-chosen word to someone else can change their world and yours for the better. Think of one word, share it and see what happens!

The foundation for igniting joy in our work is positive relationships. Let’s reconnect and strategize how to optimize the relationships you have with your employees, customers, prospects, and vendors. Contact me at 425.822.6651 or Janet@LastingImpressionsGifts.net. to ensure your message is landing as broadly and with as much influence as possible. I look forward to serving you!

To your success,

P.S.  Do you have a friend who will appreciate knowing about our promotional products, marketing strategy, and writing services?  Kindly let me know how to connect with them. 

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