5 Proven Strategies for Winning the Day

  • Oct 13, 2020

I enjoy talking with clients and colleagues about how I can serve the business community with compelling content through my blogs, webinars, and live workshops. The ideas I receive are always good! Some of the common questions I receive are: Janet, how are you staying positive? How do you make it through the day without getting distracted? There is so much business potential not happening, how can I engage with other professionals to build my business? Can you give me ideas on how to finish the year strong? Can you create a community I can tap into with like-minded professionals?

Asking is everything! Below are five activities I complete every day before 9:05 a.m. There is a clever saying I live by: How you do anything is how you do everything. I feel strongly that how you start the day is how you will finish. I am optimistic one or more of these will inspire you. Better yet, I know you have “best practices” you can share with me! I invite you to post your ideas to this article on my LinkedIn site. Let’s create a community of achievers and cheer each other on!  Click Here to Post Your Success Strategies




Darren Hardy presents one big idea, daily, Monday - Friday in under 5 minutes to level up your success and better your day. It arrives magically by email. Darren’s goal is to mentor influencers, people who want to be the exception. I have been listening to the Darren Daily since its inception. A day without Darren is like a morning without caffeine. Click Here to receive the FREE Darren Daily.




At my Come Alive workshop, I share the importance of managing energy, not time, based on the fundamental truth that we each have four types of interrelated energy: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This learning references one of the top 10 Harvard Business Review Case Studies of all time based on the book The Power of Full Engagement. The case study and the book are both great reads. I read the book right after it was published. The content can change your life.

One of the ways I put into practice managing energy not time is during my drive to and from work. Music is a game-changer for me. As a musician, I am a fan of almost every genre of music. However, during drive time, especially as I set myself up for a successful day at work, I optimize based on what I learned from the Power of Full Engagement: Spiritual energy is the highest form of energy. Spiritual energy can be defined in many ways. What it means to each of us is personal. For me, I multi-task by listening to the radio station KLOVE and restore myself both emotionally and spiritually simultaneously.




I use the yoga mat I received from Visit Bellevue for attending their February event to do crunches. It’s a great product. Thanks to my Visit Bellevue friends, crunches are the first activity I do when I arrive at my office. A very special thanks to Brad Jones, Jane Kantor, Chris Dunham, and Stephanie Steele.




There are specific activities I need to complete each day to be successful. And they are the same every day! I created a scorecard that tracks what I accomplish and made a game out of my job. I receive points for each activity based on the value it brings to my company. I have a daily and weekly goal I strive for.

This scorecard is tied to my daily intentions that I type out every day and use as a task list. I use my yellow highlighter to “cross off” what I have completed. This process is how I stay on track. Sure curve balls come up, but I know exactly where I need to restart after a distraction because my list of “to do’s” is right in front of me. I stick to my list and go from start to as far as I can reach each day. It's not about finishing for me. I have more on my list to do in a day than is possible. It's about staying on track.




Tackling the most difficult task of the day first is what it means to “eat that frog.” At 9 a.m. I hold a 2-minute accountability call with Kate Beck, a Private Mortgage Banker. We commit to making our daily customer phone calls to serve existing customers and generate sales. This is the consistent effort that allows me to engage with other professionals to build my business. Why phone calls, not emails or social media? Because voice to voice generates true engagement with the people I want to serve. Zoom is great too while we are social distancing. Phone calls allow for volume. The results are emailed at the end of the day.

If you have questions about one or more of the activities in this article, let’s talk. Happy to answer your questions and share what I do in case there is an activity you want to implement into your day. You can call me direct at 425.822.6651 or email me at Janet@LastingImpressionsGifts.net. Again, I invite you to share your success habits with the Lasting Impressions community by posting to this article on LinkedIn.

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