Are you a CHO?

  • Feb 9, 2021

Gary Vaynerchuck*, the founder of VaynerMedia, says the most important senior leader in any company should be the Chief Heart Officer:  The CHO.

He explains that skills, products, services, and even innovation are quickly becoming interchangeable among competing businesses. Technology and a reliable global supply chain are increasingly smart enough and agile enough to provide anything and everything our customers want or need. To compete in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace, we need to tap the one advantage that assures an indomitable edge:  Heart. 

He advises every CEO and business leader to make sure he or she deeply understands what makes every employee tick. What matters to him or her? Paying the bills? Autonomy? Creativity? Leadership? Companionship? Personal growth? A chance to change the world? 

This makes sense to us as we think about every team we have ever loved. We pull a group of people together to do something that matters, and we need their unique contributions. We need them to care—a lot. It’s that simple, but it doesn’t happen by luck. It happens for love. To go above and beyond the comfortable, beyond the known, “above the pay grade,” is to beat out the competition. In our fierce marketplace, we can hire people with incredible credentials and buy technology that will do anything we need it to. The one scarcity is exactly as Dionne Warwick spelled it out for us back in 1966. It’s love. In many otherwise great companies, “it’s the only thing that there’s much too little of.”

              We’d like to invite you to pause for a moment and remember what, exactly, you love about your business . . .           


There are probably a few things you’re not crazy about, but we are betting there’s something at the core of your decision that anchors you to your work. It fuels your determination to be good at what you do, even on the worst imaginable days. This is your unique gift. The one thing you can do better than anyone--  because you’re the one who loves it the most. We think of that as “true love,” because it’s experiential truth. It’s much more specific to you than any expert management advice and far more valuable.   

What is your true love? How can we share your story digitally, tangibly, and intangibly with your business community? Let’s talk about what you love and make a plan to share it with others. Contact us at 425.822.6651 or today.

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