Be a Hero. Dress Your Team to Win the Day!

  • Jan 10, 2024

Do you decide what your team wears to the office to look professional? How about on casual days? Have you considered comfy and trendsetting styles to encourage colleagues to wear the company logo around town while they run errands, exercise, or socialize with their friends after hours and on the weekend?

If you make these branded apparel choices, or if you influence decision-makers who select your company’s wearables, this article is for you! In the next few paragraphs, I will introduce you to the hero-style concept and provide idea starters to get you going. At the end of the process, you just might become a superhero!

What is a hero style? When I talk about fashion heroes, I’m not necessarily talking about a favorite designer or brand. I am referring to a style you just can’t live without. It’s that core piece or a staple of your day-to-day wardrobe — the shirt you might own in several different colors because you love how it feels, or that go-to vest you keep wearing because it goes with everything.

What does a hero style look like? That depends on your brand, who you want to be in the marketplace, and how you want to guide people to dress in and out of the office. Here are 3 trending approaches to create your team’s hero style.

3 Examples

Classic & Effortless 

If you want a timeless look that’s easy for just about anyone to wear, classic silhouettes with an effortless ease about them will save the day. The best brand that exemplifies this kind of iconic hero look is Brooks Brothers.

The new Merino wool sweaters feature classic Brooks Brothers styling in V-neck, 1/4-zip, and cardigan silhouettes. Wool sweaters often require special care, but these are made to be machine-washable. Designed for everyday use, these garments make you a hero by saving your colleagues dry cleaning costs!



Comfortable & Elevated

Do you want to keep your team wear comfortable, yet provide core pieces that are elevated just enough to be a good fit for the office? TravisMathew and Mercer+Mettle brands are your rescue styles!

TravisMathew features pieces like the versatile Cold Bay Vest, representing a sport-forward look that also fits right in at work. Meanwhile, the Stretch Soft Shell Jacket and Long Sleeve Twill Overshirt from Mercer+Mettle are elevated essentials everybody is looking for.



Iconic Styles Revisited

Denim shirts are a great example of a familiar look that’s recaptured our attention on shows like Yellowstone. The Perfect Denim Long Sleeve shirt, available in a Medium Wash or Dark Wash color, replicates this iconic look. Searching for something fun and different? The Carhartt Dog Chore Coat takes the instantly recognizable rugged look of Carhartt and reinvents it for your very best friend.



Be A Hero.

Whether your hero style emphasizes a classic, effortless look or embodies the rugged spirit of independence, these are just a few ways that the clothing you choose can help your teammates win each day by feeling great about how they look in what they are wearing. To get started on your hero styles, contact me today at or 425.822.6651.

To your success! 

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