Better Together - The Art of Cobranding

  • Jan 23, 2024

How to Create A Coveted Promotional Product Everyone Wants

What do you call the combination of two premium brands? Co-branding! It’s the marketing strategy of aligning two powerful brands to create one coveted promotional product everyone wants.

Darryl Miller of Fidalgo came to me with his vision to create a “must-have” piece of drinkware for his retail customers to purchase online when they order coffee. Check out the photo above featuring two tumblers. Darryl snapped this when he received his new Fellow brand drinkware last week. Lasting Impressions also branded a boxed gift set of this same tumbler with a straw. 

Fidalgo is in the business of roasting the world’s best coffee. They care deeply about you and the coffee you drink. They want every cup to be your best cup, and their ultimate goal is to bring joy to the world through coffee. Having partnered with Fidalgo for 25 years, I can say with confidence they succeed in their mission every day. They are the most delightful, hardworking, savvy business people. And yet, most importantly, David Evans and Darryl Miller who lead this company are friends to everyone they meet.

Because of who they are, what they believe, and how they serve, their business has grown to four distribution channels:

  • Retail Online Ordering - Buy once or place a subscription. Online with Fidalgo or Amazon.
  • Corporate Accounts – Enjoy Fidalgo Coffee at the office while you work.
  • Restaurants & Coffee Shops – The best establishments serve Fidalgo.  
  • Grocery Stores – So many to name, Fred Meyer and select Costco stores are the newest locations.

Success is a lot of fun. And it's even better when you partner with great people, and the best names in branded merchandise. If you want to create popular co-branded merchandise like Darryl, you can learn about the 4 factors to keep in mind when designing your strategy by reading this article on my blog: The Perfect Get Together. 

Speaking of things being perfect, your perfect cup of coffee awaits at I encourage you to visit with them today about a monthly subscription, bringing the Fidalgo brand of coffee into your office, or aligning strategically with them if you are in the food, beverage, or entertainment industry. You will be thrilled!

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