New Summer Swag

May 09

Click Here to Shop Our Summer Catalog Hello Summer! Hot swag styles with a splash of fun. As the warm breeze of summer rolls in, it's time to gear up for memorable moments with your ...

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Apparel To Unite Your Team

Feb 29

Early in my career, someone I admire shared this valuable insight: “People don’t listen to what you say, they watch what you do.” This sentiment rings especially true in the ...

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Better Together - The Art of Cobranding

Jan 23

How to Create A Coveted Promotional Product Everyone Wants What do you call the combination of two premium brands? Co-branding! It’s the marketing strategy of aligning two powerful brands to...

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Dream of Spring, Here's How

Jan 17

Hello! We have a new catalog that is fun & easy to use. I get that it’s freezing all over America right now, however, cold temperatures won’t last forever. Today is a great day to ...

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Be a Hero. Dress Your Team to Win the Day!

Jan 10

Do you decide what your team wears to the office to look professional? How about on casual days? Have you considered comfy and trendsetting styles to encourage colleagues to wear the company lo...

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Introducing the Chefs of AQUA by El Gaucho

Dec 15, 2023

Pictured in their new logoed hoodies and jackets, the chefs of AQUA by El Gaucho are ready to delight you! AQUA by El Gaucho is one of the fine dining restaurants in The Revelers Club owned and ope...

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Meet our Friends at El Gaucho Tacoma

Dec 15, 2023

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” When a group of people share a common goal and work together to reach it, there is magic. Can you see the smiles among the team members at El Gaucho Tac...

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Trade Show Success

Dec 15, 2023

Congratulations to our friends at Eastside Academy on their success at Missions Fest. After the trade show, Hannah Kaas shared with me that both guests and students were delighted to receive the cu...

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A lighthouse illuminates the best path forward

Oct 17, 2023

I know you. Intellectually, you are a top-notch professional. The organization you work for depends on you to make smart, creative, memorable, on-time, budget-appropriate branded merchandise pur...

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How to create amazing custom-branded merchandise

Oct 06, 2023

To shop this catalog, open the PDF attachment I am excited to partner with you on a custom project! Let’s WOW your employees and customers this holiday season with signature bea...

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Apr 26, 2023

Are you ready for some sunshine? For those of us who live in Seattle, the answer is "YES!" The first real sunny days start this Friday, April 28. I can hardly wait for Friday. In celebration and p...

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I am grateful to have won a Comcast TV commercial

Feb 10, 2023

It's not what you know, it's who you know. 100%. And I am glad I know Deb Anderson! Deb is the Meetings & Events Manager at Ketchikan Visitors Bureau. Ketchikan has been a client with us since 200...

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Brooks Brothers Is HERE.

Jan 17, 2023

To watch the 46-second video from above Click Here. 2023 is back to business, the office, tradeshows, and more! If you and your colleagues want to wear high-end, classic fashions to elevate y...

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Thanks Snow Much!

Jan 09, 2023

I wish for you in 2023, so much! Happy New Year! May the magic and wonder of a fresh new year, sparking with possibility, bring you great hope. Thank you for your treasured friendship and continue...

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It’s Time to Dream BIG!

Jul 26, 2022

The biggest, boldest, and best ideas I generate are during the summer. Or when I am on vacation, which is usually someplace tropical. The sun energizes me and restores my hope in what is possible. ...

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Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.

Jun 27, 2022

Have you ever wondered what a coach says to his players in the locker room at halftime? Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers is considered one of the greatest football coaches ever. Below is a l...

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Fashion Made Easy

Jun 20, 2022

Wearing a smart outfit gives me a positive boost from feeling put together. With the change of season, a return to the office, and social gatherings on the calendar this is a perfect time to bu...

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Dig This!

May 05, 2022

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. As your marketing trusted advisor, I am writing to encourage you about the days and months ahead. I find taking action, like planting a garden, creates ...

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The Art of Co-Branding - Better Together

Apr 26, 2022

Making a Lasting Impression is easy when you co-brand with a retail name your recipient already loves. As I reflect on how my business has changed over the last two years, the request for premiu...

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How to Invest in Great Relationships

Sep 27, 2021

Intuitively, as a successful business leader, you know relationship marketing is both smart AND necessary. I love this quote from Bill Walsh, the legendary copy editor at Washington Post. Bill said...

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How to avoid the Great Resignation

Jul 27, 2021

Life is full of teachable moments. Short stories and sayings educate us about the journey ahead, about ourselves, and about others. Growing up, my mother weaved short sayings into her conversations...

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Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.

Jul 13, 2021

Have you ever wondered what a coach says to his players in the locker room at halftime? Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers is considered one of the greatest football coaches ever. Below is a l...

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2 Ways to Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project

Jun 28, 2021

As we approach Independence Day, this is a significant time to be thankful for the great American adventure and freedom we enjoy by giving back to those who made it possible. Below are two ways to...

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It's The Little Things

May 18, 2021

A wise man by the name of Omar Rivas taught me there are at least 6 perspectives to every situation. The task is to think about an opportunity as if it were a piece of dice with six sides to consid...

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How to become a Go-Giver

Mar 30, 2021

The Go-Giver is a savvy business parable about how to achieve extraordinary success. In a one-sentence summary, The Go-Giver teaches a pattern for becoming a better person and realizing more busine...

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How to Refresh Your Message and Inspire Your Audience

Mar 23, 2021

Strong leadership requires a vivid image of your goal and consistent messaging. What are you communicating on your company walls and retail space? Are you optimizing what you want to say to the peo...

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Announcing the 2021 Colors of the Year

Jan 19, 2021

Pantone's “Color of the Year” reflects color trends in fashion, beauty, design, and home décor. 2021 announces the first time that a gray shade has been selected and the second t...

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How to Consistently Make an Impact

Jan 15, 2021

Q: What can you do when there are so few opportunities to meet face to face with customers and prospects, yet you want to clearly and persuasively target your business message to the right people ...

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The Curve In The Road

Sep 22, 2020

There are no straight lines in life. Change occurs all the time. Whether it is blatant or it sneaks up on us through competition, innovation, or life events, the business playing field is always ne...

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Dreamers and doers, this is for you

Sep 15, 2020

The American Dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their version of success in a society where upward mobility is possibl...

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End of Summer Sale

Sep 08, 2020

The best of summer gear is on sale now through September 30. Shop our catalog and contact us to inquire about the products you love, request samples, receive a quote, or to place your order. To s...

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Ready, Set, Shop

Sep 03, 2020

When is the last time you were delighted? Surprised? Recognized? Thanked in a tangible, creative way? Do you remember how it made you feel? All these adjectives lead to a memorable experience. Q...

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How to Create Game Changing Results

Jul 13, 2020

Did you read The Half Time Report? We are at the start of Q3, the most important business quarter of the year. What is your score? The concept of “Game-Changer” or being a game-changer...

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The Half Time Report

Jul 01, 2020

Have you ever wondered what a coach says to his players in the locker room at half time when the team is down by what seems an insurmountable number of points? I’ve had one, and only one, quo...

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Make Your Next Virtual Meeting Unforgettable

Jun 29, 2020

Have you considered how you will reallocate your venue, flight, hotel, food, trade show budgets and more to make an unforgettable impact with attendees at virtual meetings? Branded merchandise is t...

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One and Done! Health Safety Kits

May 22, 2020

Create confidence with your employees for a safe start with a PPE kit. Everything you need in one item. Choose from a variety of price points and product mixes branded with your company logo. Orde...

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Health Safety Swag for April

Apr 07, 2020

Good news! Yes, Lasting Impressions can serve you with a variety of health safety products. Below are current styles, pricing and lead times. Hand Sanitizers Pre-order now for delivery at the en...

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Can Do! Health Safety Swag

Mar 13, 2020

Good news! Yes, Lasting Impressions can serve you with N95 face masks and 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizers in a variety of styles. Hand sanitizer branding with your logo is available for orders...

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It’s a new day, a new year and a new decade

Jan 06, 2020

Your dreams determine your destiny. How big are you dreaming? According to Sir Richard Branson, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. 2020 is the year to go BIG &nd...

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A Sense of Purrpose

Mar 18, 2019

Nancy Howard is a cat lady on a mission. Founder and owner of The Whole Cat and Kaboodle in two locations--Kirkland and Redmond--and the Cocoa Cat Café in Redmond, Nancy believes "every ...

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Weddings in Woodinville

Feb 13, 2019

"Eat, Drink and be Married" 10 Year Anniversary When the Northwest's top event professionals join forces, you can expect the party of the decade. The January 27th Weddings in Woodinville Ten ...

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The Greatest Show Workshop @ Meydenbauer Center

Jan 15, 2019

The Impossible Comes True When we asked Janet about The Greatest Show marketing series which launched in Bellevue on January 15, she said the spark was ignited in 2018 when she set a goal to bri...

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Thank You For Visiting The Greatest Show

Oct 18, 2018

There was a lot going on at our Northwest Event Show exhibit. Did you catch it all? Below is a recap of the show specials and strategic tools we offer to assist you in transforming your next event ...

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Tomorrow is the day!

Oct 15, 2018

It’s finally here – the Northwest Event Show! We’ve been hard at work to make sure this is the best year yet for all of the attendees. On your way into the show, stop by one of o...

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One Week To Go!

Oct 09, 2018

Only one week to go until the 2018 Northwest Event Show! Do you have a plan of attack for the big day? Let the Connectors be your guide – grab one of our registration cards from any of the t...

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Transforming Employees into High Performance Teams

Oct 02, 2018

Join Me! The Northwest Event Show | 11 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | October 16, 2018 Washington State Convention Center Most employees know what it looks like to be a part of a high-performance team. Eve...

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The Countdown Is On!

Oct 02, 2018

There’s just two weeks left until the Northwest Event Show on October 16th at the Washington State Convention Center! We’ve gathered ten of the best vendors the region has to offer, fr...

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Northwest Event Show

Sep 28, 2018

Join Me! The Northwest Event Show | 11 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | October 16, 2018 Washington State Convention Center Do you plan meetings, trade shows, conferences or events for your company? If th...

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Pro Tips for Exhibitors at the Northwest Event Show Part 1 of 2

Jul 17, 2018

Trade shows represent 39.2% of all B2B marketing dollars; often the largest line item in the budget. Here are 10 key strategies for innovating your presence and optimizing your ROI. 1) Tie your co...

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NWES Workshop #1 - Big Picture Planning for Optimum Results

Jun 04, 2018

Get ready for show time! The Northwest Event Show is preparing a breakthrough to new levels of success for exhibitors and attendees alike. BUTLER Seattle values your partnership and invites you to ...

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