How to avoid the Great Resignation

  • Jul 27, 2021

Life is full of teachable moments. Short stories and sayings educate us about the journey ahead, about ourselves, and about others. Growing up, my mother weaved short sayings into her conversations with me. It was the way she communicated. 

We lived in Redmond, Washington, a small town at the time of 2-lane roads dotted with farmhouses. My life was simple and I didn’t know very many people. My mother’s short response to this “small world” situation was that all I needed is one true friend in life. Mom assured me that a true friend is a treasure beyond anything money can buy.

As the years passed by, it was a surprise to watch a tech startup named Microsoft plant its corporate headquarters in Redmond and transform the community into a sophisticated suburb of Seattle. Technology changed everyone’s life by creating more opportunities. One of the many ways we have benefited is through the ability to meet, communicate and engage with more people.

Interestingly, even with all the ways to communicate, research from the 2019 Friendship Report states the average American has 3 best friends.



Question:  if friendships are special and important, what are you doing as a leader to foster true relationships among co-workers at your company? 

Everywhere I read in the media I hear corporate America is on the verge of the “Great Resignation.” 

Do friends leave friends?  


I believe that having just one positive, personal connection with a co-worker is important to employee wellness in the workplace. Fostering an environment where employees can interact and share experiences strengthens those bonds. In a case study I read in preparation for this article, a logistics HR Coordinator commented that employees are “No longer considered co-workers or just ‘someone I work with,’ once they have a positive experience with another team member on a personal level. This shift in thinking positively impacts their work environment.” 

To spark connections and go beyond the typical Friday afternoon BBQ, how about creating a company-branded cookbook?  



The first step is to invite employees to submit their favorite recipes. Lasting Impressions can assist you in creating tip-in pages to create beautiful and unique recipe pages that spotlight the employee’s name for each submission and showcase employee personalities. Fun! Your company cookbook can have pages for notes to document the recipes employees have tried. What a great conversation starter it can be for a team member to share their experience cooking someone else’s favorite dish.  

Want to kick this concept up a notch? Set your team up for success in their own community by giving them tools to host neighborhood parties. Distributing the recipe book with other promotional products such as BBQ sets, cooler backpacks, coasters, and wine accessories are perfect complements to create a great gift. This recipe and branded cooking set concept can be bundled together for any season of the year. If your team has a love for cooking, you may want to consider cookbooks for different food categories such as main dishes, desserts, drinks, salads, etc. See the attached PDF of branded merchandise to get ideas.  



To spark connections with a company-branded cookbook campaign designed to enrich the lives of your team, contact Janet McNaughton at 425.822.6651 or Let’s get cooking!

P.S.  Do you have a friend who will appreciate knowing about our promotional products and service?  Kindly let me know how to connect with them. 

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