How to Consistently Make an Impact

  • Jan 15, 2021


What can you do when there are so few opportunities to meet face to face with customers and prospects, yet you want to clearly and persuasively target your business message to the right people who can buy your services or refer you to a new customer?


Sending the right words digitally in a consistent conversation to the people that matter most to your business is an additional marketing channel you can easily implement when you partner with the Lasting Impressions team.

We spent the first twenty years of our marketing career talking with clients face to face, listening carefully to their challenges, and designing sales strategies that made sense and made money. We responded to requests to train and inspire sales professionals, event coordinators, and other communication pros by presenting conferences, seminars, and webinars. As with all of our efforts, our goal was to enhance your business. Our track record has always been directly tied to your success.

When our clients approached us recently to provide customized digital content for their blogs and other media messages, we said “Yes!” We knew we had decades of expertise that our clients could rely on. We know this market intimately-- we understand why a conversation is important in building business relationships, how to do it effectively, and what to say.

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We agree with this efficient youngster in one important way:  The right words are terrifically important. If you need a content provider, we will create unique posts for you to reflect your business goals. We’ll help you select the right tone and content to engage your readers in a friendly, interesting way-- to keep your services top of mind for your clients, and to introduce your business in a persuasive way to prospective clients.

Testimonial:  Here are a few words about The Write Words from Amy Bray of Axelerate:

Partnering with Lasting Impressions for digital content to delight our customers has been easy and seamless. The articles are uniquely ours.  We love posting a positive message that cuts through the clutter of business “how to’s” with a refreshing perspective.  Customers like them too!  Views and engagement on LinkedIn have skyrocketed.  Hard to reach people are responding and connecting with us digitally.  You are welcome to contact me about our success with Lasting Impressions.  Amy Bray, Vice President of Client Services, Axelerate.  425.922.6800 or

Are you ready to send the write words to your customers? Give us a call at 425.822.6651 or contact us at if you have questions about building your business with an interesting blog customers will enjoy reading.

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P.S. To view a history of marketing strategy, business best practices, and inspirational idea starters we invite you to read our blog.




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