How to Create Game Changing Results

  • Jul 13, 2020

Did you read The Half Time Report? We are at the start of Q3, the most important business quarter of the year. What is your score?

The concept of “Game-Changer” or being a game-changer is used all the time in sports, business, and the media. From my perspective, the simplest way to identify a game-changer is in sports where we see athletes make unimaginable plays with the game on the line. As Americans, we love sports and the athletes who make the winning difference. We pay huge money to watch games at the stadium and in Seattle we wear Seahawk team jerseys on blue Fridays.  

In preparing this content, I noticed game-changers add incredible value to every community they are a part of. They operate at a level of thought and action above the norm. They are early adopters. Leading the way with fresh ideas.

My question to you:  what is the one way I can support you right now in becoming a change agent for your business? How can I serve you in a way that transforms your company to the next level? I’ll assist you in answering that question because that is exactly what we do here at Lasting Impressions! We serve our clients in transformative ways that build a brand and deepen both employee and client relationships. 

Game-changers have 4 attributes in common:  

  • Curiosity – the relentless pursuit of why.
  • Courage – forward movement in the face of overwhelming fear.
  • Consistency – always & forever. 
  • Confidence – I believe. . .  I can . . . I will.

It is my experience that one of the most powerful ways to be a game-changer is to exude confidence. Confidence from a place of authenticity. Not put on or boastful – that’s a very old paradigm. As we move into the most profound ways to elevate the game during times of great change, we access our engaging resource, service to others.

Coming from a place of humility, game-changers make choices from their identity, not their circumstances. Game-changers know how to benefit from adversity because they support others simultaneously. They live above the situation.

So how do we apply this to our businesses? How do we become game-changers?  

I decided that if confidence is the greatest attribute, we start there. To me, self-confidence represents what I think and what I say. It is all about what goes on inside the brain and the heart.

The new game-changers consciously live and operate at a level above the norm. What type of thinking and speaking is above the norm?  

  • Old paradigm conversation in our society is talking about our status or circumstances.  i.e. what is going on in my life, what is wrong, gossip, etc.
  • Evolved game-changers think and talk about their higher focus and standards. What they are working on that serves all. What they are learning and how they are engaging for a positive outcome. Where they are headed and the opportunities ahead.    

Would you be open to learning how you and your company can change your outlook? I invite you to read about the partnership Lasting Impressions created with Lee Papa. This example demonstrates how you can:

  • Increase the value you deliver to customers with a tangible keepsake showcasing your brand,
  • Generate incremental revenue, and 
  • Gain access to training that will empower you to change your business game and win.

Lee Papa is an internationally recognized Mindfulness & Meditation Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author. 

As a successful keynote speaker and prolific content provider on the topic both in-person and virtually, Lee’s new book A Year of Mindfulness for Beginners adds an exciting new element of support. Lee chose Lasting Impressions to co-develop custom well-being gift sets to increase the value she brings to her clients with a tangible keepsake to commemorate each event (virtual or in-person) and to support not only the recipient of the kit but an element that allows for daily reinforcement of the sponsor brand with items such as a bookmark or mouse pad to go along with the 365-day book journey into wellness. 

Together we have developed single sessions and quarterly programs to engage and delight. Gift sets include signature journal books, an essential oil subscription program, and more to complement Lee’s message. 

Working with Lee is a proven path for creating game-changing results for your team and company culture. Learn more:

Game-changers aren’t born, they’re made. To explore how you can partner with Lasting Impressions to create an out of the box solution to build brand, deepen relationships, drive revenue, and change your business game, contact me today.

P.S. You are invited to join me on Tuesday, July 28 from 11 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. for a complimentary webinar, How to Apply 4G Marketing and Win.  Register Here


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