How To Lead In Tough Times

  • May 13, 2020

It’s easy to look like a star when times are good, but when times are tough, your true character comes into full view. Regardless of what your company environment was before Covid-19, the atmosphere has changed. As leaders, how you prepare to welcome employees back to the workplace will determine corporate culture. For years! It may determine if your company makes it – all the way back. 

Remember and be encouraged:  Leaders aren’t born, they are made. Optimize this welcome back moment and make it your finest hour. Put people at ease. Let them know you care. Rise to the occasion and be the great leader, communicator, and inspiration you are capable of!

Start by asking yourself what you want your employees to think, feel, and say when they return. Especially when you are not in the room.

Preparing a safe work environment is the second step. The Lasting Impressions team can assist you quickly and easily. Below are two checklists to consider:  Health Safety & Signage Essentials.  


To learn more about the products listed below, Click Here

  • Face Masks:  Do you want to promote your brand and transform logoed masks into part of your employee uniform, or will a blank product suffice? Do you prefer disposable or washable masks?
  • Hand Sanitizers:  Will a personal size work for your team? Do you need large, pump sizes for refills? Or do you prefer small sizes?
  • Thermometers:  Will you be taking employee temperatures when employees return? Then daily? Do you think disposable thermometers are best for your company or do you prefer an infrared style?
  • Gloves:  Can your employees benefit from this type of protection?
  • No Touch Tool:  Is this product a handy solution for your employees?
  • Disinfectant Wipes:  Are employees sharing workstations? Will they need to wipe down their station at the beginning and end of each day?
  • Antibacterial Push-Ups:  Are you in food and beverage? Do you serve food on campus? Are you preparing boxed meals? How about individual wipes to accompany each meal?
  • Personalized Gift Set:  Do you want to package the items you are giving employees? Here is an idea starter, shown in black, available in 15 colors. Click Here. Need something different, let us know and we will get is for you.


We have prepared a PowerPoint with links to product specifications and pricing for the check-off list below.  Click Here.

  • Open for Business:  Do you need customers to know you are open? To direct people where they can pick up the product? Where to stand in your business lobby or store to create social distancing? See pages 3, 8, 9.
  • Shelter Tents:  Do you need a station to check-in employees when they arrive? Do you need to serve customers in your parking lot? See page 4.
  • Counter Barriers:  Do you need to protect your employee’s health safety with an acrylic, see-through barrier when they are interacting with customers? See pages 5 & 6.
  • Temporary Vinyl Barriers:  Given the 6’ social distancing guidelines, do you need to define private workspaces? See page 7.
  • 12” & 18” Temporary Decals:  Do you need to guide where people stand in your lobby or throughout the building? Temporary decals can be applied to vinyl floors, carpet, and walls. See page 9.
  • Testing Stations & Directions:  Will you be testing employees and visitors when they arrive at your workplace? A station and signage can be helpful to everyone. See page 10.
  • Employee Education:  Are you preparing to reopen your business and need health safety signage for washstands and more? See page 11.
  • Zoom Meetings & Webinars:  Will some of your key employees remain working at home? Will they be participating in zoom meetings? Hosting webinars? Transform their home office into the company brand with EuroSigns, see page 12.


Now that you have the essentials selected, return to the first step and ask yourself one more time:  What do you want your employees to think, feel, and say when they return. Is there anything you want to add to your welcome back kit? If you are set, great. If you feel something else is important to thank or inspire, let us know. No matter how big or small those last items are, we want to contribute to your success with the perfect way to kick start your team’s return.


Once you have identified the tools you need to create a safe work environment, set expectations with a simple communication plan. Choose between email, personal phone calls, or a letter. If you can benefit from assistance in crafting this communication call or email us. Happy to assist at no charge.

On behalf of the Lasting Impressions team we appreciate the privilege to serve. We know these are tough times, as we have struggled ourselves and endured long, hard days. Now more than ever, we appreciate your business, loyalty, and friendship. Let’s talk soon!

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