How to win the hearts and minds of your team

  • Mar 4, 2022

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace."

--Doug Conant, Fmr. President and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company

How to win the hearts and minds of your team

How to win the hearts and minds of your team

How to win the hearts and minds of your team

I love to work with companies that treat their employees exactly the way they serve their best customers. I call this an “inside-out” marketing strategy. Employees who are passionate about working for their organization spread this excitement to customers. When you visit a business and can sense the employees are treated well, it makes your buying experience more enjoyable and sometimes even more expensive!

Brains, like hearts, go wherever they are appreciated. Have you calculated the financial cost of downtime and loss of tribal knowledge when top talent leaves your organization? The estimated costs are:

  • $1,500 for hourly employees
  • 100 to 150% of an employee’s salary for technical positions
  • Up to 213% of an employee’s salary for C-suite positions

Recognition is inexpensive when compared to the cost of churn. Even better, it's positive and fun!

A simple strategy for keeping top talent and building a winning company culture is a thoughtful, authentic, employee appreciation program. From branded apparel for the entire team to personalized trophies and quarterly themed gifts based on your organization’s goals or values, Lasting Impressions can assist you in delighting and inspiring your employees.

As with every business success, consistency is key. However, consistency doesn’t mean you must give the same award every quarter or every year. Mix it up! Create spontaneity. Do something big. Do something small. Give something unexpected. The goal is to repeatedly find ways to say these five words: “Thank You for Being Amazing!”

Are you ready to go the extra mile for the people that matter most to your business? I can assist you in developing a variety of recognition tools for top performers and your whole organization to build momentum and drive performance.

Contact me at 425.822.6651 or Together we can attract more of the people you enjoy working with, retain them for the long run and transform them into walking talking billboards for your company.

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