It's The Little Things

  • May 18, 2021

A wise man by the name of Omar Rivas taught me there are at least 6 perspectives to every situation. The task is to think about an opportunity as if it were a piece of dice with six sides to consider. Omar calls this analytical process, "dicing."

Today I want to share several ways to explore the topic of “It’s The Little Things.”  

I came across a delightful article called 5 Reasons It’s All The Little Things In Life That Make for the Happiest Journey. The author published these five points in 2014 – and they still make a lot of sense to me. Katie Berbert claims that while there are many reasons to pay attention to the little things, here are the five that stand out:

  • They keep us from getting overwhelmed by the bad stuff.
  • They teach us crucial life lessons.
  • They strengthen relationships.
  • They leave us with some of the most important moments.
  • They lead us to bigger things in life.

Gratitude is always good. I consider the process of being grateful a wonderful exercise at the beginning and end of each day. And yet, I have learned more from my mistakes than from what I do correctly. When life doesn’t go as planned, it stops me in my tracks and I take notice. Watching high-level, competitive sports is the easiest way I learn what works and what doesn’t in the game of fierce competition. Every detail is magnified in a big game. It’s clear how the team won or lost.

I found the press conference given by the head football coach of the Penn State football team after they lost the season finale for playoff rights by one point compelling. Cue up the video to 1:40 and listen to how he wants the little things to change so they can be an elite program, rather than the great team they currently are. WOW!  What an inspiring post-game show.

Click and Cue to Watch 1:40 – 4:25

Point number 5, “they lead us to bigger things in life” is a good segway from creating happiness to the importance of consistent execution and becoming an elite performer or company. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is one of my favorite business books. This gem demonstrates how small changes maintained consistently over time lead to unexpectedly dramatic results. Furthermore, changes in one area of life can compound with other areas of life.  

Consistently delighting your customers, employees and vendors can compound the financial results of your company sales and bring you greater enjoyment. Want to go big? Give small branded items with a powerful message. True, it's nice to give a “big” gift to commemorate a milestone or achievement, but success is built on everyday heroics. The solution is to celebrate the mundane and make it noteworthy.

Below are “little ways” to teach, recognize and spark gratitude with the people who matter most to you.


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Are you comfortable being great or do you want to get uncomfortable and become an elite by doing all the little things consistently? It's the little things that matter. Lasting Impressions can assist you in recognizing the daily grind. The little things given consistently with purpose can create momentum and propel your team forward. To create a pattern of positivity give us a call at 425.822.6651 or contact us at

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