Onboarding: Making New Employees Instant Team Members

  • Apr 10, 2017

Saying “Welcome” Well

The process of attracting, attaining and retaining talent is serious business. Communicating why you are in business and what you are committed to as a company begins with a savvy employee Onboarding Program separate and in addition to training.

From an employee’s perspective, being “new” can be overwhelming. Making team members feel part of the organization from day one with a collection of the essentials is a key component to a smart Onboarding Program.

Building Community

When employees wear branded apparel and integrate your company’s promotional products into their work day, they silently communicate their affiliation to something larger than themselves. Most people are happier and perform better when they belong to a community.

Activate Your Employees

How a company communicates on the inside ultimately determines the effectiveness of external marketing and an organization's ability to drive sustained sales and profitability.



Our goal at Lasting Impressions is to collaboratively lift you, your company, your people, your sales and everything you do – HIGHER! How can we serve you in mapping a strategy to make your new hires feel part of the team before their first day of employment? How can we create a plan to build momentum through the first week? 90 days? First year? Longer?

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