Renewed Commitment

  • Jan 22, 2018

Join us in our quest to grow your business through known, repeatable, proven strategies. Our theme for 2018 is Success Strategies:  Promotional plans and products that lift your company higher.

New For 2018

We recently launched our new website, where we offer you increased visibility by linking to your company’s website. You can find our current list of business partners featured on the Home Page.  If you’d like your logo to be a live link to your site, let us know. We will direct eyes to your on-line presence.  

Website Homepage

Lasting Impressions is in the idea business. We invite you to view our “Strategies” section designed to provide solutions for the most important business opportunities you face. We have space for two more business topics! Please write to us with your suggestions on what you want to learn. We want to be a strong resource for your sales and marketing plans.

Strategies Page

Our blogs will summarize industry trends and provide relevant research to keep you ahead of your competition. Many of these stories are linked to the “Strategies” section with content to support product recommendations. Spring apparel trends are coming in February!

Blog Home

Case studies share business strategies from a traditional business perspective. Articles are divided into examples that Advance Your Brand and those that Activate Your Employees.

Case Studies Page

All for You

The work we produce, and our new website is all for you!  Be sure to weigh in on the topics most interesting to you. Do you want to contribute a success story as a blog or case study? We will feature your work or create a spotlight on your company that you can share the link to, to help get the word out to your customers and prospects. 

Our relationship with you is the heart and purpose of Lasting Impressions. Thank you for reading, and for the great work you are doing for your customers, your families and our community. We’re honored to join you as your strategic partner, and to lift your business higher this year.

Contact us to have your company logo added to our home page, provide ideas for a new Strategy, offer a blog or case study suggestion:

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