Sponsorships: How To Plan For Success

  • Jul 17, 2017

Experience Marketing

Aligning your company’s brand with causes you are committed to internally and externally communicates what your company values. Sponsorship opportunities run the gamut. Whether you:

Engage employees internally to raise awareness for health issues or a non-profit

Contribute to the success of a local, regional or national industry event

Partner with a college or professional sports team

The objective is to gain positive visibility for your brand through an actual experience employees or customers participate in.


Did you know a promotional product is an item of value that represents you, your brand and the experience your attendee has with your firm? 58% of recipients will keep a promotional product 1 to 5 years after they have received it. Selecting the right promotional product, to extend an event’s experience transforms a typical product into a memory hook representing the idea or concept you want to create with your employees and clients.




Are you planning to sponsor an internal or external event in the next 12 months? To rapidly capture the attention of attendees, foster compelling conversations to qualify potential customers and differentiate yourself from every other exhibitor - start your sponsorship planning with a theme.


From a promotional marketing perspective, sponsorships are a business development investment requiring strategic planning and integration of your theme across 5 key areas:

  1. Pre-show Communication to invite the right people to your event.
  2. Booth Displays, Retractable Banners & Table Throws to stand out from the crowd and connect with attendees you most want to meet.
  3. Logoed Apparel to create a highly recognizable internal leadership or external business development team.
  4. Sales Tools branded with your logo.
  5. Follow-up Marketing Strategy to complete the sales cycle for: Employee engagement, donations and sales.



Our commitment is to make a difference for your company, your employees and the clients you serve. Contact us today to discuss how to optimize your sponsorship investment with themed strategies to extend your next brand experience in the hearts and minds of your employees and customers.

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