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  • Aug 18, 2023

I love getting more than what I paid for. How about you? Today I have an idea you can use to:

  • Create and increase awareness with clients about the different products and services you offer.
  • Cross-sell your business units for additional sales and margin.
  • Inspire employees and clients with motivational quotes from your company culture, industry best practices, or thought leaders.
  • Teach and reinforce your team’s core values.
  • Promote upcoming events.


Say “Hello” to Variable Data

Your team is already using adhesive pads, adhesive cubes, and scratch pads at their desk, in the conference room, at client meetings, at trade shows, etc. It's time to optimize those office essentials with FREE variable data.  

In the example below, see how each sheet in the upper right-hand corner has a unique call to action? Every sheet in the pad can be different or you can repeat a series of messages throughout the pad. Placement of your message can be anywhere on the sheet, it just needs to be in the same place per sheet. I suggest the upper right corner or footer.



Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Below are three idea starters. Think through how your business can customize these marketing ideas for yourself. To do this, replace your company with the sample company and imagine how the strategy can work to enhance your existing marketing efforts for FREE. My guess is you will discover even more ways to win.


Example #1

CREATE AWARENESS:  If you are a high-end restaurant with multiple brand names and locations, you can promote each location with its respective logo and address in a series through the notepad as a footer. If you want to drive first-time business to a specific brand or location, how about offering a discounted or FREE appetizer in the footer? If there is a slower day/time of the week, you can add an incentive for clients to dine with you as variable data to drive sales.

CROSS SELL: Up your game by introducing special services such as private dining, catering, and other ways you want to utilize excess capacity and sell into higher margins. You know your business! Create a series of messages to build awareness with your clients on how they can engage with you so they can enjoy more of your services and you can increase sales and margins. That’s a win-win!


Example #2

INSPIRE:  How you market on the inside of your business to employees shows up on the outside with how they treat your customers. Make your conference room note-taking and the adhesive notes people pass through the organization an inspiration. Each sheet can be a motivational quote from a thought leader, or a positive perspective on your industry. Have fun with variable data!  

CORE VALUES:  Showcase what you believe in by printing variable data messages in text or graphics to educate and reinforce what your leadership team wants everyone to strive for. This is a simple way to live what you are committed to.


Example #3

ENERGIZE:  If you are a professional association, an event management company, or a destination, you need people to show up and engage with you! Create a series of compelling experiences you will delight clients with. You can use text, graphics, photography, logos, illustrations, and more to tell your story one sheet at a time.

FINANCE:  Up your game by introducing your business partners, sponsors, board members, and special volunteers on a separate sheet. If you need financing to proceed with this marketing effort, you may want to ask your business partners to contribute to the budget in exchange for a marketing presence. Go big and ask them if they can assist you in strategically distributing the pads to their customers – increasing your reach.


The Bottom Line

Variable data can be applied to full color:

  • Stik-Withit notepads with 25 | 50 sheets
  • Adhesive cubes – ½ cube and full cube sizes 
  • Non-Adhesive Scratch Pads – 4 x 6” or 5 x 7” with 25 | 50 | 100 sheets

Variable data is so creative, savvy, and FREE right now, you may want to consider ordering multiple products. For example, office essentials for your employees and sales tools to drive your marketing efforts with clients. Product options and pricing links are listed below. 

Stick With It Notepads

Full Size Adhesive Cubes

Half Size Adhesive Cubes

Non Adhesive Scratch Pads


 Make a Lasting Impression

My best advice to you with variable data and paper essentials is to create a memorable, fun, and engaging promotional product. I can assist you with graphic design if you need that service. As with every promotional product, the more compelling it is, the greater its usage. To discuss how you can get more for FREE and implement your strategy, contact me at 425.822.6651 or


Warm regards,

P.S. To view a history of marketing strategy, business best practices, and inspirational idea starters, read our blog.




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