Thank You For Visiting The Greatest Show

  • Oct 18, 2018

There was a lot going on at our Northwest Event Show exhibit. Did you catch it all? Below is a recap of the show specials and strategic tools we offer to assist you in transforming your next event into the Greatest Show with memorable gifts that make a lasting impression.

Outerwear Sale!

Introducing our new 5 piece interchangeable outerwear system. Zip in and zip out styles and colors to create a personalized look.

Sale is valid through 11/16/2018.

Drinkware Sale!

Purchase 144+ pieces of any style of drinkware from the ETS Express brand and receive 2 free set ups. A $120 value.

Sale is valid through 11.16.2018.

Gift Rooms

Personalized gifting for every event. Especially timely for the upcoming holiday season.

Pop Up Shows

Brand name mini-store fronts at your event.

Gift Back Events

On site experiential programs featuring remarkable amenities that give to the employee and a charity. Contact us for more information.

I encourage you to contact me! Looking forward to learning about your goals and how I can serve you. Janet McNaughton and the Lasting Impressions team.

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