The Curve In The Road

  • Sep 22, 2020

There are no straight lines in life. Change occurs all the time. Whether it is blatant or it sneaks up on us through competition, innovation, or life events, the business playing field is always new. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this, I could retire:  What you did yesterday is not going to produce the same results today. Why is that saying ever-present? Because change is constant and rapid. The concept of constant, rapid change can be exhausting or it can be exciting. It’s about perspective. Is change a problem or is it a possibility? Is the glass have empty or is it half full?

I like to talk with customers on the phone to learn what they are striving for and the “atmosphere” in their organization. One of my client conversations last week landed on the truth about how much we have both learned in the last 6 months and the new business solutions created to serve our customers. For myself, I shared the “aha!” moment I experienced at my team’s Q2 quarterly debrief:  I realized that I am capable of doing much more than I dreamed. So is my team. My client agreed, he had learned the same fact about himself and his employees. 

One of our strengths at Lasting Impressions is our passion for business and the ability to understand how it works. To transfer pillars of profitability into marketing plans that use promotional products to build relationships and drive sales. Staying close to our customers has allowed us to extend beyond what we are known for and turn client problems into possibilities. Two recent examples of how change created a win-win are:


Problem: Our clients are not able to network and see their customers. How can they become consistently top of mind?

Possibility: While writing isn’t something we had previously offered as a service, Lasting Impressions has written tons for ourselves. Two of our clients liked our mix of positivity and business best practices so much they hired us to write for their respective companies. The results have been wonderful for both in connecting with the people that matter most to their business and driving revenue. What did we learn at Lasting Impressions – we love to write and have an interest in doing more! It has been inspiring to see our client’s win in this new format.


Problem: There’s only one thing more precious than time, and that’s who we spend it on. How does a meeting planner replace the excitement of a prestigious venue, create engagement during a zoom meeting, include sponsors plus deliver food and beverages to the attendee’s home office?

Possibility: Lasting Impressions opened our doors in 1996 as a gift basket company. While we transitioned two decades ago into promotional products, we know food and beverage. Even better, we know how to package up a winning gift. Could we do it again? The answer is yes!  And this time we are designing custom packaging to create a “wow.” The boxed gift set arrives in a branded box, filled with more boxed gifts that are to be opened throughout the virtual meeting at the direction of the moderator. We have food and beverage solutions to complement promotional products and renewed our liquor license.  

This new possibility taught us we can:

  • Delight virtual meeting attendees and foster engagement.
  • Educate and reinforce key messaging.
  • Provide a paid sponsorship opportunity for strategic business partners.
  • Include food and beverage service.
  • Promote the brand marketing message.

Change creates opportunity is trite and it is true. Have you considered what is possible? It’s a whole new world out there! Its time to rebuild America. Where are you now and where do you dream of going? Let’s share a possibility. I invite you to schedule a time on my calendar to discuss your plans, call or email me. Let’s get there together. 

P.S.  To view a history of marketing strategy, business best practices, and inspirational idea starters read our blog.

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