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  • Mar 16, 2021

Thanks for the questions about our customized content service, The Write Words. Here are a few more details, in case you are curious about how the service can work for you. 

First, this is a customized service. Your content will reflect your business, your purpose, your excellence, your personality, and your message. The assumed readers will be your customers, your prospective customers, and any other stakeholders who might read your blog -- and anyone to whom they might forward the message.

We start with a short survey which you can complete quickly – you know this stuff – it's all about you!  We find it best to talk through your responses via a phone call or zoom meeting to truly understand your input. We are glad to be as involved as you’d like, or to take it offline and just provide your content for you on your schedule. Either approach or anything in between is fine with us. We are here to serve you.



If you are thinking “Well, maybe we should try this. But what would we say?” That’s a very good question!  We might ask you “What do you like to read?” Or, “what do you want to be known for?” As part of any series we write we can clarify for your clients or prospective clients how your service will benefit them. It can be surprising how little others know about the work we love. Lasting Impressions can connect your clients to your world, through your eyes.


We also have clients who know exactly the topics they want to share with their audience, but they don’t have the time or desire to write the content. We love that type of partnership too. They give us an editorial calendar and we write! Some have photography and industry articles they want to reference. Bring it on! We can incorporate it all.

Another interesting perspective is this:  There are as many different ways to tell a story as there are readers. We want your readers to be inspired, informed, and entertained. The Write Words is about delivering compelling content, that is distinctively you.  

  • If you want to inspire, we can tell true stories of people who warm our hearts by achieving miracles. Thank goodness, there's no shortage of wonderful people who deserve a shout out in a series of blogs. These heroes can be your employees or customers! 
  • If you like the idea of positioning yourself as an expert with your client base, we can write your series as a collection of interesting pointers or research findings. We can connect industry best practices to your business, to your target audience, and summarize how everything benefits them. 
  • What is your voice? Do you want to be friendly and breezy, cheerily incorporating your company's values? Do you like sports metaphors? Timeless principles from our great literary heritage?  

Write Words is intended as a way for your clients to get to know you, appreciate you, and keep you in mind as a valued business partner. Your content is uniquely yours. It will always be about your contribution to our community. 

The pen is mightier than the sword. And digital marketing has no limits to where it can travel. Let’s share your essence with the people who matter most to your business. To get started, contact us at 425.822.6651 or We want to learn about your business, your goals, your ideas, and your dreams.  

To your success,

P.S.  To view a history of marketing strategy, business best practices, and inspirational idea starters we invite you to read our blog.




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