Wellness Trends, Strategies & Products

  • May 4, 2018

Jump start or reboot your company’s wellness program with these three strategies:

1. Promote Wellness

Communication is a critical success factor in every corporate program. Employees will not participate in something they don't understand...or even know exists. Now is the perfect time to announce your wellness program or share a new type of competition and incentive.

Idea Starters

Sunglasses with Bluetooth Speaker

Incentivize attendance at the launch and program update by handing out sunglasses with wireless branded earbuds - only those who attend the session get a pair. Fun!

H2go Montana with Carrying Handle

To remain consistent after you have launched your wellness campaign, include a water bottle branded with your company logo (or wellness campaign name) plus the program guidelines in your employee onboarding kit.

2. Provide Smart Lunch Solutions

Insulated Lunch Box Containers

Eating at restaurants and attending business luncheons can add unwanted calories and become expensive in a hurry. Provide your team with the latest insulted lunch box containers. Pack and save!

3. Wear Branded Performance Apparel

Encourage exercise by outfitting your team with the latest styles in branded apparel. Read the trend report. Watch the product videos. Shop for the styles you love.

Our Favorites for Him and Her

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