What if 2020 wasn’t a setback, but rather a setup for greatness in 2021?

  • Jan 5, 2021

The word “perspective” has a Latin root, meaning “look through” or “perceive,” and all the definitions of “perspective” have something to do with looking.  If you were relaxing on the beach in the picture above, you might think reality is right in front of you-- but what you are seeing is only part of the picture. Much more important is the way you are framing the view: how you are looking at it.

Question:  What was the year 2020 for you and what can 2021 become?

An essential element of being happy and achieving success is our perspective. One of the best viewpoints we acquired came to us completely out of the blue. Many of our clients in 2020 became concerned when they were prevented by the pandemic from meeting face to face with their customers. It was a serious setback. But together we turned it around. Our clients looked at the need to change their marketing approach not so much as a setback, but more as a set-up:  A way for their companies to communicate differently. Clients hired the Lasting Impressions team to create a digital communication campaign for them, writing a series of custom blogs that they posted on social media to an even larger audience than they could meet with personally.

Blog writing was a new service for Lasting Impressions, but we are here to serve our clients. So we said  “Yes” when asked. We added to our capabilities and found that we loved the boldness of their dream to grow business in a parallel way. Writing compelling content that connects readers to our clients has become a passion. Adding this marketing tool to our offerings has enabled us to live a dream we never knew we had.

It's 2021. Time to identify new goals. Business best practices recommend reflecting, being grateful for what you already have, as the first step to setting a new vision. Writing blogs is one of many examples of how we are grateful to have adapted and grown in 2020. When we considered all the opportunities in 2020, a light bulb went off!  We gained a radical shift of perspective by asking ourselves the question below. This line of thinking has framed an exciting viewpoint for 2021 you may want to consider for yourself:

What if 2020 wasn’t a setback, but rather a setup for greatness in 2021?

We dare to dream, and we invite you to join us. We challenge you to seek greatness by first being grateful for what you do have. To be sure, 2020 was a tough year, but where can you shift your perspective on what occurred in 2020 into a 2021 setup? All you need is one set-up to change what you see! I bet you have more than one outcome from last year you are grateful for.

As our gift, you are invited to download our template on transforming 2020 setbacks into 2021 setups. This inspirational exercise guides you to consider all five circles of life. 

Once you can see the opportunities, sit back, and take in the new view. What do you see for yourself now, in 2021? We dare you to dream big and share your plans on our LinkedIn site or write back to me personally. 

Our mission in serving you is to run alongside you to achieve your dreams. We look forward to partnering with you to succeed in 2021. May this be your best year yet!

Warm regards,

P.S.  To view a history of marketing strategy, business best practices, and inspirational idea starters read our blog.




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