Why is this our passion?

  • Feb 12, 2020

Because when you give branded apparel to your team, it provides employees with a sense of belonging. According to Webster's, belonging is a basic human need, just like the need for food and shelter. We think it's smart business to make people feel good about who they are and where they work. Who knew a T-shirt could mean so much?!

When you give clients and prospects a promotional product, it becomes a memory hook for their positive experience with you - happy thoughts, and a reminder to reconnect.

The promotional products industry represents $25 billion in revenue. The most coveted retail brands have partnered with us to elevate the options for you to align your company brand with.

Let's Talk.

How do you want to impact the people that matter the most to your business? The Lasting Impressions team is ready to listen to your goals and serve you with compelling apparel and branded merchandise that will delight and inspire your audience.

Do you want to start a conversation with a specific target audience? Below are three idea starters on how a traditional box of candied hearts can be customized for your brand, audience, and go to market strategy. Tailor the entire box and imprint up to 13 different words on the candies themselves to make a lasting impact.

B2B Sales


Recruiting (Front)

Recruiting (Back)

To create an extraordinary product, customized to your brand and campaign,

call us at 425.822.6651 or visit LastingImpressionsGifts.net.

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