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The Case Study (pdf) associated with each Client Work Example shows how we empower our clients to achieve their goals.
These studies illustrate how we tailor our services to contribute to your organization's success.

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Advance Your Brand

Creating Brand Recognition and Driving Sales

The highest goal we set for ourselves in serving clients is to become an extension of their creative team. We seek to earn this level of partnership with every client.

Drive Sales

Lasting Impressions works with companies to transform their great ideas into brilliant corporate gifts and sales tools to deepen client relationships, drive revenue and generate referrals.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

We thread consistent messaging internally and externally across all business units for our customers. One of our favorite integration strategies is to center promotional products around a common theme.

Cross Sell

We consult with companies to identify all their pillars of profitability and then create marketing tools to drive revenue across every business unit.

Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary

Lasting Impressions guides our clients through the simple process of transforming an ordinary product, such as a journal book, into an extraordinary sales and marketing tool for their business.

Trade Show

To optimize engagement with trade show attendees, our first step is to develop a clever theme for the total trade show.

Activate Your Employees

Wear Your Brand

When employees wear branded apparel, they silently communicate they belong to something larger than themselves. Most people are happier and perform better when they feel they are part of a community. Lasting Impressions offers expertise in selecting and decorating the perfect garments for corporate wear, uniforms and promotions.

Custom Corporate Website

Lasting Impressions partners with customers to promote their brand, ensure product quality and secure brand protection.

Celebrate Employee Engagement

An employee recognition program isn’t a nice-to-have benefit for employees. It’s one of the sharpest tools in an organization’s strategic tool kit. We can assist you in building a program to attract, attain and retain top talent.

Service Anniversary Awards Program

Recognizing years of service is a critical element of employee engagement. Lasting Impressions partners with our customers to create a corporate culture where employees are rewarded for their long-standing service and loyalty to the company.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

From sourcing promotional products made of re¬cycled materials, to branded merchandise designed for repeated usage, Lasting Impressions creates and drives marketing initiatives in collaboration with our clients to benefit the environment.

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