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"Advance Your Brand, Activate Your Employees and Add Customers for Life."
Customers come to us because they want to:
Grow by attracting new customers

Our customers want to attract and engage new prospects. They are keenly aware that the competition is actively courting the same targets. They want to outshine their competitors.

Maintain an engaged, motivated staff

The customers we serve know their employees will treat their clients the way they themselves are treated. They want their employees to feel part of their company’s purpose and be strong brand ambassadors who delight every client with each service interaction.

Retain loyal clients

Our customers understand the importance of their existing clients, and they strive to retain and deepen those relationships. Their clients must have a good reason to be loyal, and our customers want to make sure they are creating those reasons.

We believe a company’s prosperity depends on the perfect combination of employees and clients. Working together with us, you can secure both.

Our strategic services

fit-for-purpose campaigns targeted for growth

Lasting Impressions has extensive experience with promotions as an investment in growth. Whether you are exhibiting at a trade show, driving new business or increasing market share with existing clients, we will create and execute a strategic roadmap that’s tailored to your business’s goals. We can be hired for a one-time effort or a short, median or long-term campaign. Regardless of size and scope, we will shepherd your project through to completion so you can focus elsewhere. You can count on us to follow through on every detail.

proactive programs to improve employee morale

With employee engagement a critical concern in many businesses, Lasting Impressions builds campaigns to foster genuine and lasting goodwill throughout our customers’ organizations. From core value initiatives, to recruiting, onboarding, training, recognition programs and more, Lasting Impressions guides our customers to affordable, high-impact internal promotions that serve as a continual reminder to their team that they are working for a great organization that values their contributions.

Inquire today about creating an effective, targeted campaign

Prefer to shop yourself?

While it’s true we love partnering with the businesses we work with to create tailored strategies to meet their specific needs, it’s not the only way we work! If shopping for the perfect promotional product yourself is more your style, click below to start browsing our products.


Our strategy in serving you

Your brand is rooted in who you are as people, and why you do what you have chosen to do as a provider of services or products. Lasting Impressions is a strategy partner. No matter how small or large, simple or complex the project, we want to improve your outcomes with customized promotions that are tailored to your business, sensitive to the market and unique to your brand. We care about your budget and the growth you would like to achieve because of your investment in promotion.

With an understanding of your goals we can create, plan and implement your strategy seamlessly on brand, on time, and within budget. We achieve this through our proprietary operations systems and by collaborating with the leadership teams at all the vendors we partner with. Through our vetted supply chain, we can source a virtually infinite array of beautiful merchandise; because of our commitment to corporate responsibility we belong to the guild of providers who adhere to high quality and social responsibility standards.

We welcome your honest feedback, as we firmly believe it’s one of the most important components of our continual growth as a business partner. We see our role as that of a servant leader. We strive to earn your trust and create lasting relationships.

What our clients are saying

“We’ve used Lasting Impressions over the past ten years at Fidalgo Coffee for marketing SWAG, branded cups, and merchandise to support our campaigns, client needs, and the Fidalgo brand. We’ve only had positive results working with Janet McNaughton and her company. Terrific products, exceptional service, and the kind of follow-up that is remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Lasting Impressions.”


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