How to use products to engage with your audience

A promotional product is an item of value that represents you, your brand and the experience your client has with your firm.

We believe you purchase promotional products to address a specific need. Our business is sourcing and creatively decorating the right promotional products. Our objective in serving you is to transform a typical product into a "memory hook." Your item will represent the idea or concept you want to enforce with your employees, clients and prospects.

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Trust that a Lasting Impressions team member will contact you to confirm every aspect of your order, artwork placement, and imprint color. You will receive a virtual proof of your order before production for review and approval. Once you approve your order in writing, ship date and tracking numbers will be emailed to you as details are confirmed.


What sets us apart is our strategic approach to selecting appropriate products that work harder alongside your brand to engage with existing customers and attract new business. Below is a suite of the most common topics every business faces along with idea starters to assist you in engaging with your audience.

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Health Safety Products

Start Safe, Stay Safe. Health safety products for return to work and reorder...

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In today’s world of information overload and social sharing, it’s our unique identities and styles that become our individual you-niforms. If all else fails, we can copy the...

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Learn how to transform employees into high performance teams by starting with apparel for indvidiuals.

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The New Power Suit

Big changes are sweeping across offices around the world. From a changed generational mix to technological advances, our office walls are breaking down as we redefine what it means to...

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Sales and marketing is a contact sport. Generating new prospects, managing qualified leads and consistently staying in contact with existing customers across all communication channels is...

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Whether you are building relationships with prospects or recruiting new employees, securing a coveted first appointment requires vision, strategy and execution. A well designed promotional marketing campaign...

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The process of attracting, attaining and retaining talent is serious business. Communicating why you are in business and what you are committed to as a company begins with a savvy employee...

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Aligning your company’s brand with causes you are committed to internally and externally communicates what your company values. The most important step is to create a memory hook with branded...

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Golf is A Mental Game. With high profile business relationships at stake the question is: are you allocating enough brain power to your golf season’s promotional product strategy? You can outthink...

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You’ve only got three seconds! Given the fractional time to garner and keep attention, a clever theme applied to your entire trade show strategy is the solution for engaging trade show attendees...

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With meetings and conferences all over the country, there’s going to be some air travel – which means busy checkpoints, crowded flights and a heavy bag or two. But with the right products and comfy clothes...

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Introducing Ashbury Bundles.
Choose from pre-made bundles or create your own with the products you love at the budget you need. See our pre-made sets as an idea starter...

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Custom Strategies

Do you have a specific business objective or event requiring a more personalized level of service? We partner with our clients to deliver strategies tailored to your goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can serve you.


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