A lighthouse illuminates the best path forward

  • Oct 17, 2023

I know you.  

Intellectually, you are a top-notch professional. The organization you work for depends on you to make smart, creative, memorable, on-time, budget-appropriate branded merchandise purchases. You know from experience that when the process goes well, branded apparel and promotional products:

  • Advances your brand
  • Activates your employees, and 
  • Adds customers for life.


And yet, emotionally branded merchandise achieves more.  

Your professional status is elevated when the gift is an item the recipient chooses to repeatedly engage with. Their heart smiles when they recall the experience of what you gave them. They treasure what was received. They adore your brand. It’s a love affair! 


Simple & Easy.

Since 1996, I have been serving people just like you. Professionals with the aspiration to delight the employees and clients who matter most to their business. My role as your marketing partner is to assist you in selecting the right product, getting it branded correctly with your logo, and delivering the goods on time.

It's that simple. And it's that easy when you work with Lasting Impressions.


What to Expect.

We call it the “sunset service.” All phone calls and emails received by 5 p.m. are returned that same day. Proposal requests are acknowledged quickly and responded to in full, within two business days. Given I am in my office, and I most often am, I will answer the phone when you call and I am happy to schedule a phone conversation, Zoom, or in-person meeting to brainstorm.

I will do the research and provide you with Good | Better | Best solutions to produce the results you want to achieve. My recommendations are based on my long-standing, personal relationships with the highest-rated factories in America. You are welcome to request virtual samples, physical samples, and/or quotes to ensure the product you are ordering is exactly what you need and want.

You are guaranteed consistent communication from start to end, on every order, to ensure you receive what was promised. This includes an order acknowledgment, pre-production proof, and order tracking. Our average rating with customers on a scale of 1-10 is 9.8. You can read more about our customer feedback by clicking Testimonials on our website.


Receive More.

My goal is to serve you for life by making every project we partner on special and appreciated. I want to become someone you feel you know and trust. Beyond the product, I will strive to be an extra sounding board, perspective, and pair of hands working towards your goals. As part of our partnership, you will receive my educational and inspirational blogs featuring business best practices, marketing strategies, and product recommendations. Blog favorites are:


My commitment is to make you shine!

No matter what you have been tasked with or what you dreamed up yourself, I can shine a light on the best path forward for smooth sailing. Even better, sailing with Lasting Impressions is fun! To get started today, contact me at 425.822.6651 or Janet@LastingImpressionsGifts.net.  


Warm regards,

To learn more about the creative marketing strategies and product options Lasting Impressions delivers, read our blog.  





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“Advance Your Brand, Activate Your Employees and Add Customers for Life.”

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